Lithiumate™ Manual

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Two masters

Combining the outputs of two Lithiumate Pro masters

If a battery is so large that it requires 2 Lithiumate masters, their outputs can be combined.

Dedicated lines

The dedicated lines of the 2 masters may be combined as follows:

  • HLIM:
    • Connect the HLIM outputs of the two masters directly in parallel ("wired OR")
    • Configure the masters so that the HLIM is open if charging is OK, grounded if not OK
    • The combined line will be grounded if charging is disabled by either master (or both), and open if charging is allowed by both masters
  • LLIM and FLT: same as HLIM
  • SOC:
    • Connect the SOC outputs of the two masters in parallel through 1 kΩ resistors
    • The voltage at the junction of the two resistors will be the average SOC of the two masters
  • DCL
    • Connect the DCL outputs of the two masters in parallel through diodes (cathode to the master)
    • Connect a 1 kΩ pull-up resistor between the junction of the two anodes, and to the 5 V supply
    • The voltage at the junction of the two diodes will be the DCL of the master that has more limiting
  • CCL: same as DCL


  • Set the starting ID for standard messages of one master to a different ID, so that the two masters can talk on the same CAN bus
  • Add a CAN gateway to the system
  • Program the gateway to read the standard messages from each master and combine them
  • Program the gateway to output messages with the combined data

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