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NetGain WarP-Drive

Using an NetGain WarP-Drive DC motor driver with an Lithiumate BMS.

A load current sensor is required when using a Warp motor driver.

Warp motor drivers MUST be used with CAN bus control (there is no way of reducing the drive without a CAN bus).

The only item that the Lithiumate BMS controls is the maximum battery current drawn by the NetGain WarP-Drive motor driver, to protect the battery.
The NetGain WarP-Drive does not offer a way to reduce the drive, neither gradually (such as by reducing the throttle range) not step-wise (such as a "valet mode"). Therefore, with this motor controller there is no way to warn the user that the battery is nearly empty, by making the vehicle feel sluggish.


  • The NetGain WarP-Drive rev must be 9/28/10 or later; otherwise, the BMS is not able to control the motor controller through the CAN bus
  • The Lithiumate must be configured to talk to the NetGain WarP-Drive
  • The Lithiumate must be configured for 250 kHz CAN speed
  • The NetGain WarP-Drive CAN port is not terminated; unless there is a termination further down the CAN bus, you must add a 120 Ohm resistor near the CAN port of the NetGain WarP-Drive
  • The 2 CAN bus connectors on the NetGain WarP-Drive are identical
  • In the NetGain WarP-Drive's CAN bus port, the CAN lines are on the 2 left-most pins
  • In the NetGain WarP-Drive's CAN bus port, there is no need to connect the ground pin
Schematic diagram
Interfacing the NetGain WarP-Drive motor driver (CAN control) and the Elithion BMS
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If enabled, Rev 2.07 (and up) of the Lithiumate Pro controls the maximum battery current for a NetGain WarP Drive; by generating the following message.


  • Period: 100 ms
  • Multi-byte values are big-endian: the MSB (Most Significant Byte) is in the lower numbered data byte (the left most byte in the following table)
ID Bytes Byte 0 Byte 1 Byte 2 Byte 3 Byte 4 Byte 5 Byte 6 Byte 7
708h 8 06h A7h B0h B0h Max battery current [A] Checksum(1) -


  1. Checksum = (1Dh + Max battery current MSB + Max battery current LSB) MODULUS 100h
Old revs anchor

Lithiumate Pro BMS controller software revisions up to 2.06 used the old set of NetGain messages, decribed here. The NetGain controller never did not properly respond to this old message set. Therefore, Elithion no longer supports this old message set.

If enabled, the Lithiumate Pro generates the following message for the NetGain WarP-Drive and conforming to SAE J1939 standards.

These messages are off by default and may be turned on by programming.

Note that the NetGain WarP-Drive CAN rate is 250 kHz, so you will have to program the BMS to also work at 250 kHz.

VERY IMPORTANT note: the NetGain WarP-Drive rev must be 9/28/10 or later. Otherwise, the BMS is not able to control the motor controller through the CAN bus.

Message generated by the Lithiumate BMS:
PGN Repetition rate Data length Data page PDU format PDU specific Default priority Source Address ID Byte 0 Byte 1 Byte 2
1 s 3 0 50 (32h) CFF0332h Code = 3 Current [A]


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